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Congress News Headlines - Yahoo! News

This feed includes news on our Congress from Yahoo.

A group of D.C. protesters now has a list of demands

As protests continue to erupt around the country, a group of three young African-American activists is attempting to link the demonstrations to a list of demands.

Cities remove racist monuments before protesters can topple them

As the protests following the death of George Floyd in some cities have turned to targeting racist iconography, officials are trying to preempt them.

Fox News host alludes to baseless conspiracy theory and calls George Floyd death 'a premeditated hit' that 'was executed extremely poorly'

Fox News host Jesse Watters outlined a baseless QAnon-backed theory that George Floyd was part of "a hit that was executed extremely poorly."

A Florida 'Karen' called the police on a solo Black Lives Matter protester standing completely alone on a street corner

"Shout to this guy for somehow getting the cops called on him for his one man protest," tweeted user @jonny_is_good in response to the clip.

10 Years Ago Today, SpaceX's Falcon 9 Blasted Off for the First Time


George Floyd protests: All four former police officers face new charges as demonstrations continue nationwide

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has announced new charges against all four former officers involved in the death of George Floyd.The attorney general announced charges against Thomas Lane, Tou Thao and J Alexander Kueng, the three officers seen alongside Derek Chauvin, an officer who kneeled on Mr Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes before his death, according to charging documents.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore apologizes after saying George Floyd's death is on the 'hands' of looters

LAPD Chief Michel Moore is facing calls to resign after saying George Floyd's death is on the 'hands' of looters. He apologized the same day.

At least 39 injured in knife attack at China kindergarten


They wanted to protest peacefully. Police responded with force. On the ground in Minneapolis.

“We cannot back down now. We have come way too far. We are literally in the midst of history.”

Airlines to drop service to 75 domestic airports

Fifteen U.S. airlines were granted final government approval on Wednesday to temporarily halt service to 75 domestic airports as travel demand has been crushed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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