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New York Times Legal RSS Feed

Current legal headlines from the New York Times legal RSS feed. We also have an NY Times internet RSS page here.

Google Penalty : The Unknown Online Business Risk
Websites lose their ranks when they misbehave, and the associated businesses tank in the search results.

New York City’s Subway System Violates Local and Federal Laws, Disability Groups Say

Two lawsuits contend that more than 75 percent of the city’s subway stations do not have elevators, lifts or other methods that make them accessible for people who are unable to use stairs....

11 Sue Fox News, Citing ‘Intolerable’ Racial Bias

The group of current and former employees filed a class-action suit accusing the network of “abhorrent, intolerable, unlawful and hostile racial discrimination.”...

Milwaukee Inmate Died After Being Deprived of Water for 7 Days

A weeklong hearing is being held as officials consider charges against jail workers in the dehydration death of Terrill Thomas, 38, in April 2016....

Critics in Turkey Question Credibility of Judges Who Oversaw Vote

The legitimacy of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s victory in a referendum has been tainted by fraud accusations and by a series of erratic decisions by jurists on the electoral commission....

Chobani Yogurt Sues Alex Jones Over Sexual Assault Report

The lawsuit said that Chobani has suffered after a report on InfoWars connecting the factory with a child sexual assault because it involved refugees, whom Chobani has made a policy of hiring....

Dennis Edwards, Judge Who Presided Over Trial of Lennon’s Killer, Dies at 95

Judge Edwards was serving as an acting Supreme Court justice in New York when he sentenced Mark David Chapman in the 1980 murder of John Lennon....

Bill O’Reilly Breaks His Silence After His Exit From Fox News

Mr. O’Reilly addressed his fans in a podcast posted to his personal website, claiming that “the truth will come out” about multiple harassment allegations against him....

Supreme Court Rebuffs G.M.’s Bid to Limit Ignition-Switch Lawsuits

By declining to review a lower-court ruling, the justices cleared the way for plaintiffs to proceed with hundreds of claims over deaths or injuries that occurred before General Motors declared bankruptcy....

Trial for Broadway’s ‘Rebecca’ Scandal Begins

A court case involving one of the most high profile scandals in Broadway history began on Monday....

Conservative Groups Sue Berkeley Over Ann Coulter Cancellation

Two organizations accused the California university of discriminating against right-wing speakers and violating students’ free speech rights....

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